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On a cold rainy day, nothing beats a hot cup of tea with some roasted corn (buttas). Because rain and tea go together, and some steaming appetisers are always a nice touch. TDT's Monsoon fav pack contains three mini tins that would make an ideal cup of tea on a rainy day.

TDT’s Monsoon favs pack includes:

  • Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe Op 1 Ceylon Loose Leaf Black (15gms) Keeps you fresh on your morning escapades.
  • Classic Taiwanese Oolong Tea - Argent Loose Leaf Tea (15gms) to enjoy at high tea.
  • Chinese Jasmine Tea (15 gms) - to relish the beauty of a sunset,

Bring this pack to pamper yourself or your loved ones this monsoon.

Sample Pack Specification

BT10 - Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe Op 1 Ceylon Loose Leaf Black Tea, 15g
Waking up in the morning during rains could be a task. Brew a warm cup of loose leaf black tea that boosts your energy and wakes up all your senses.

Packed with antioxidants, nurtured and grown with care, handpicked by skilled professionals from the farms of Sri Lanka.

OT06 - Classic Taiwanese Oolong Tea - Argent Loose Leaf Tea, 15g
A classic tea with bold and a tangy flavour. This tea was discovered in the lands of Taiwan and is grown by natural oxidation in the rocky terrains and mild temperatures, which also helps to evolve its soothing sweet taste; additionally, experts roll and curl these leaves to fold them in floral aromas. A luxurious brew, grab a cup before you start your day to augment your energy.

JT02 - Chinese Jasmine Tea- Argent, 15g
The soothing whiff of jasmine with its soft vegetal taste notes is a perfect match for a calming cup of tea on a rainy evening. Carefully plucked and dried tea leaves are topped with a layer of jasmine flowers, which results in a beautiful and aromatic Jasmine tea. Brew a warm cup to give a calming end to a gloomy day.

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