Nutlings Sunny Crunch (Pack of 8)

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Seeds, Trail mixes, nuts

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A super mix of crunchy watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, soya bean seeds, dried dates, almonds, black raisins that will blow your mind. Super Save on your Favourites! Our Value packs are curated to save your money when you have a craving for more than one ! ROASTED WITH LOVE: Our products are tumble roasted with no oil. Snacking on fruit and nuts has always been a healthy alternative to oily chips and sugary chocolates. Nutlings as a brand has a wide range of nut-based sweet snacks that do not contain artificial flavours, sugar, or preservatives. Munch on fruit and nut bars from Nutlings, a nut-based snack company that delivers wholesome goodness.

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