Medjool Dates

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Classic Dry Fruits

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 dates are very rich, sweet, and delicious. They are also known as Medjul dates, and they have soft skin and fibrous texture. They are large, about three inches long, and sometimes even very large in size and they turn from amber to reddish-brown when they are ripening. They are very moist and are perfect for eating when they are freshly picked. Medjool dates are well-known in most stores and will moisten the palette. They have a very sticky inside and offer a decadent caramel flavor. They are ideal for using in recipes such as shakes, stuffing recipes, or energy bars.

Medjool dates are fleshy and large with an appealing yellow shade and an indifferent refreshing taste. They are available throughout the year and are popular referred to as the ‘queen of dates.’

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