Makhana - Salt & Pepper

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The Green Snack Co.

Roasted Namkeens

130 g

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Specially curated with succulent grains and legumes like Chana, Quinoa, Moong, Peanuts, Bajra, Jowar, and Masoor, making it the healthiest high protein Namkeen out there, infused with just the right amount of tangy sweetness, spiciness and zest of lemon, it’s guaranteed to get your palate dancing with joy! Tastes so damn good, you will not want to go back to fried Namkeens in a 100 light-years! Made without preservatives, artificial flavors, and frying, these bottles of Roasted Namkeen isn’t just unbelievable healthy but so Impossibly Tasty! Take the leap of taste and dive right in! Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Not Baked, Not Fried, High in Protein, No Added Preservatives, No TransFat. Shelf Life: 180 Days

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