Green Tea with Damask Rose

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Divine Teas

5 g

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Evocative aromatherapy with nutrients a it’s no secret that our sense of smell or olfactory response is directly connected to the emotional centre of our brain. A pleasant fragrance certainly makes us ‘feel good’; an emotion essential to everything, from sound restful sleep to powering up for an energetic morning. Our range of nutrients a wellness infusions combine green tea with powerful floral extracts to engage our extraordinary though often underutilized, olfactory sense. It is nearly impossible to smell a damask rose and not smile. It, therefore, stands to reason why, long before the arrival of antidepressants, the whiff of roses in a cup of hot tea was a great strategy to beat the blues. This unique combination of green tea and damask rose may be consumed every day, supporting your quest for a healthier and more joyful you.

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