Green Tea Scented with French Lavender

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Divine Teas

5 g

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SOOTHING Aromatherapy with TE.A

It’s no secret that our sense of smell or olfactory response is directly connected to the emotional center of our brain. A pleasant fragrance certainly makes us ‘Feel good’; an emotion essential to everything, from sound restful sleep to powering up for an energetic morning. Our range of TE.A wellness infusions combine Green tea with powerful floral extracts to engage our extraordinary though often underutilized, olfactory sense. The distinct fragrance of French Lavender is believed to rejuvenate and energize a tired mind and body. Since Biblical times, Lavender has been used to help people with insomnia and as an aid to relax and calm frayed nerves. This unique combination of Green Tea and French Lavender may be consumed every day, supporting your quest for a calmer and more relaxed you.


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