Fig Jam

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Jams & Marmalades

260 g

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A great source of potassium and calcium, our fig preserve contains whole figs that taste just like the fresh fig! Turn your boring breakfast more sweet and tasty with Jar'ganic jams. Goes well with Bread, Roti, Paratha, Dosa and Scones. Jar'ganic jams are made with 100% real fruit. A convenient way to include fruits into your meal. Spreads easily with a spoon or a knife. What you see is what you eat. There's nothing more in it! No artificial colours, flavours, or added preservatives. No synthetic gelling agents or acids. No stabilisers, thickeners, anti-oxidants, or emulsifiers. Choose from sugar based jam or if you Hate sugar? We've got you covered with our Jaggery based jam. (Refrigerate once opened)

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