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Donna Pastaia


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Fettuccine UpBeet in Whole Wheat & Semolina with Beetroot (Eggless)

Ramping up the heat is our Fiery Hot Fettuccine. This special fettuccine is made with pounded red chillies, which is kneaded in an egg pasta dough. They have a stunning orange colour and a very lovely kick of chilli spice that is pronounced yet not too overpowering so it doesn't drown all that saucy goodness you will mix them in! Ingredients - Organic White Flour, Ground red chillies, Eggs How To Use - 1. Bring a pot of water to boil; add salt to boiling water 2. Add pasta to salted boiling water, stir gently occasionally 3. Al dente in 6-7 minutes. Once done toss straight into the sauce for best results. Best eaten immediately after cooking. Shelf Life - 3 months from manufacturing | Storage Conditions - Dry ambient temperature away from heat light and humidity

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