Fettuccine Semolina Based (Eggless)

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Donna Pastaia


250 g

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Traditional to the southern Italian regions, these dried pasta ribbons of fettuccine are made with semolina as the base ingredient. Our vegan, eggless, semolina based fettuccine give you the perfect ‘al-dente’ and makes the perfect base for a wholesome pasta meal. Semolina gives this pasta the perfect texture and taste to absorb all that goodness of the sauces you will toss it in. Try these with a hearty tomato sauce or toss them in with a cheesy alfredo to make the very popular fettuccine alfredo. This very versatile pasta will hold itself beautifully however you choose to cook it. Ingredients - Organic Semolina, Organic white flour, Olive Oil How To Use - 1. Bring a pot of water to boil; add salt to boiling water 2. Add pasta to salted boiling water, stir gently occasionally 3. Al dente in 6-7 minutes. Once done toss straight into the sauce for best results. Best eaten immediately after cooking. Shelf Life - 3 months from manufacturing | Storage Conditions - Dry ambient temperature away from heat light and humidity.

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