Delhi Style Butter Chicken Gravy

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Ready to Cook Gravy

500 g

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We present you the popular Indian cuisine that symbolises our love for food to people all over the world, Delhi style butter chicken. A rich blend of tomatoes, butter, khoya and other spices, this gravy is a true epitome of Delhi’s soul food, the zingy yet creamy butter chicken. Add your favourite protein and watch it turn into a masterpiece.|Cooking Instructions - Preheat the Pan , put 10 gms butter and add any protein like chicken, paneer or mix veggies and saute it well.
Empty the packet of Makhni Gravy and add half a cup of water. Mix it well and cook for 5 mins. Add chilli powder and sugar as per taste and boil till the protein is cooked. Finish with a teaspoon of butter and a few dollops of fresh cream and a pinch Kasturi Methi.|Ready To Cook

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