Cran-Al Crisps + Al-Van Crunch

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This exquisite combo includes the goodness of our Almond Vanilla Crunch with the flavorful Cranberry Almond Crisps. Both these products together offer an irresistible combination of health and taste, to all our fitness conscious audience of varied age groups.
Binge on this post workout or as an evening bite too!
The Cranberry Almond Crisps bites are packed with the refreshing fruity punch of wild Cranberries that are handpicked and combined with the goodness of crunchy California Almonds and pure Himalyan Pink Salt.
Almonds are a nutrition rich, gluten-free power-house, and a single rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins; that is proven to maintain blood sugar levels, manage weight and boost energy instantly. This goodness of Almonds is wrapped in the delicious subtly sweet and satisfying taste of pure Vanilla, sprinkled with authentic Himalayan Pink Salt
Protein Rich, Preservative Free, Cholestrol Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, No added sugar" (85g each)

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