Choco-Vanilla Swirl

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Divine Teas

35 g

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The Dessert Collection

This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

  • The uniqueness: This tea successfully captures the authenticity of vanilla accompanied by choco notes - all in one package for tea lovers.
  • What brings out its best: Milk with a small amount of sugar would perfectly complement the unadulterated flavor of vanilla of this tea.
  • What you see: The brew that is produced is defined by a light brown liquor - a shade of amber is what one can see.
  • What you feel: This chocolate vanilla tea has a light sensation on the taste buds, leaving an astringent feeling after a sip. In fact, each sip encompasses a fleeting sensation of vanilla flavor.
  • Best enjoyed with: Enjoy your cup of choco vanilla tea with cupcakes, choco-chip cookies, butter cookies or small pastries.

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