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Divine Teas

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The soothing sound of rain hits the ground, synchronising our heart and mind. Make a cup of tea and relax as you allow your creativity to flow freely. Allow the rain to inspire you as you complete your tasks skillfully.

TDT’s Boss Babe’s Monsoon pack includes:
  • Nani's Herbal Chai (15gms) - The secret recipe of Nani’s tea that keeps away cold and cough
  • All-Seasons Tea Blend (15gms) - For a refreshing break
  • Jiulongshan Mountain Green Tea (15gms) - Keeps you healthy and energetic
  • Be Yourself Candle (60 hrs) - An aromatherapy to wind down stress
  • Boss Babe, Bone China Green Marble Finish Mug - A cup to enjoy rains through your power-packed schedule.

Makes a perfect gift to pamper your loved ones or yourself.

Sample Pack Specification

GT43 - Jiulongshan Mountain Green Tea, 15g
A pure sightly curved light green tea grown and nurtured with extreme care in the thin air and high-altitude mountains of Jiu long shan. Originally meant for the royals this tea is brimmed with mouth-watering floral flavours, vegetal aftertaste, and benefits of green tea. Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties make it a perfect fit in your healthy routine. Brew a warm cup and say goodbye to cold and cough this monsoon.

BLD72 - Nani's Herbal Chai, 15g
A spicy herbal tea blend filled with the goodness of pepper, cloves, star anise, and lemongrass. The aroma, taste, and cooling properties of this blend will make you nostalgic with its Nani’s special recipe. A jolting experience with the warmth of love from your grandmother is all you need on a gloomy day, or sunny day because why not. Brew a warm cup and infuse yourself with happy vibes.

BLD106 - All-Seasons Tea Blend, 15g
A blend that wraps all the seasons with its mystic ingredients like Moringa, Ashwagandha, ginger, and lemongrass. Every sip of this magical blend takes you to the serene. Filled with spring of Moringa, summer of ashwagandha, monsoon of lemongrass, and winter warmth of ginger - A luxurious combination that boosts your immunity and refreshes your energy by the last sip. Get ready for a flavorsome and power-packed day with this powerful blend.

MU15 - Boss Babe, Bone China Green Marble Finish Mug, 1 Piece.

CN03 - Be Yourself Candle (60hrs), 1 Piece

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