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Black Pepper Stir Fry

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Dips & Sauces

200 g

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A flavour-packed sauce, with a bold blend of Asian spices. Make fresh stir fries with pak choi, carrots, mushrooms and vegetables or meats of your choice to surprise yourself with the perfect home cooked meal that is delicious and bursts of south east Asian flavours.
Use this to make royal, restaurant quality healthy stir fry dishes, noodles, Asian flavoured gravies and flavourful fried rice! For a delicious stir fry - use 3 tbsp of sauce with 60-70g meat/veggies to serve two people, or for noodles/rice - use 4 tbsp. of sauce and 2 tsp water to make enough for two people.
Vegan Friendly
Note - This product is made fresh and should be kept refrigerated at all times.

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