Sustainable. & Ecology initiative!

 Limitless Since MMXV

In the simplest terms, living green means making lifestyle decisions and engaging in practices which reduce negative impact on and promote the health of the planet and its creatures.
While the concept is simple, its achievement is not, due largely to misconceptions about its cost, ease of attainment, and even socio-political typecasting! Ecolabelling has a major part to play in making living green economical, simple, non-partisan and vital to our future.
We promote Sustainability & Power of Positive Business.
We think it’s so important to help conscious consumers cut through all the confusing messaging around sustainability and make informed choices. We appreciate to our champion sustainable businesses across India, who are now a part of good Eatin’ & Co.
The growing trend of sustainability is mostly a response to humanity’s preference for enthusiastically damaging the planet. We maintain business models to packaging products, sustainability can take many different forms and all of them will have a huge impact on e-commerce businesses in the coming years.
In fact, 67% of global brands are already leading this way, producing goods sustainably with environmentally friendly materials and shipping. However, currently these products are often more expensive than their less-sustainable counterparts, due to fairer pay for employees and the use of higher quality materials. Sadly, for some customers these higher price points of sustainable products are usually too much.
Buying from an Eco-friendly helps them feel better knowing that they are doing something for the environment and also grants them some social currency. 
Let’s all help and attend to this cause to initiate a wonderful world around us!