About us

The Affordable-Luxury Food Store.
Health is wealth!

Everybody knows but how many follows? Well, we do. Because we care for you!

We promote healthy eating. At good Eatin’ & Co. it’s all about Good and Healthy Eating. We provide a wide range of products that are creatively launched for our customers. The products are approved by a system that is used to measure and judge a brand of health products.

good Eatin’ & Co. has a tie-up with Unique, Simple & Niche brands across Spectrum, which may be available on different platforms, but one can avail it here as a ONE-STOP-SHOP. We have established an elegant competitive profile and strong digital infrastructure for our clients and employees. All in a very simple manner approach with design to  touch clients shopping experiences and customer delight.

Our Unique Selling Point is the cost factor. We provide a variety of products in premium quality. Quality and taste matter for us! Apart from that, good Eatin’ & Co. welcomes all relations be it tie-ups, resellers, exports etc. in the business.

Our Products
Our products include Local & Intl meats, Cheeses, Beverages, Fruits, Frozen products, Nuts, Chocolates and the list goes on. We also proudly feature an array of specialty gourmet products and super-foods to help expand your palate and recreate flavorful zest!

Our Story
gE & Co. has recognized the difficulties that have risen during Covid-19. We are committed to supporting people, clients & communities during hard times. We are always dedicated to good quality products and fast service. Our team is dedicated to High-Standards that will continue to provide quality products and services for the rest of our lifetime!

gE & Co. is known for sourcing the best of the best certified products and features from elite local start-ups to high-end brands. We craft a wide selection of delicious and premium super-foods to bring it all as ONE platter for our clients in INDIA and Globally. Hence, we formed this innovative COMPANY, rooted & affiliated from Dallas, TX. We have experience across a wide range of spectrum and with influential icons who have significantly contributed in various different ways in motivation and incorporation of gE & Co.

We are inspired by many Small & Big Brands/companies’ work & have experience with influential icons who have significantly contributed in various different ways in motivation and incorporation of gE & Co.

Team has made a unique platform designed by digital and creative heads to stay focused on brands and aligned to platform commitments and themes. We work closely with suppliers and clients. We care for our client’s emotions and needs!

Have a wonderful & Ideal Shopping experience with good Eatin’ & Co.

Team gE & Co.