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Fiery Spice Quinoa Puffs - 2 PC - 50g
Peppy Cheese Quinoa Puffs - 2 PC - 50g
Tangy Pickle 6 Grain Stix - 5 PC - 50g
Cheesy Jalapeno 6 Grain Stix - 5 PC - 50g

Presenting you the bestsellers, directly from The house of Green Snack co. Our bestselling products are not only loved by fitness freaks, office goers and people craving for guilt free binge eating but also by moms who are looking for a healthy yet tasty alternative for their kids. Gluten free Fiery spice and peppy cheese qunoa puffs are roasted to perfection with high levels of protein with the special spicy and cheesy touch. The 6 grain stix in this pack comes with the tasty tangy pickle and the cheesy jalepeno, both being a rich source of high quality 6 grains that are cholestrol free with No Transfat. They are bestsellers for a reason. Have a go at them and enjoy healthy snacking like never before! Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Not Baked, Not Fried, High in Protein, No Added Preservatives, No TransFat. Shelf Life: 180 Days

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