Benefits of Eating Natural Food

Aug 13 , 2021

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Benefits of Eating Natural Food

If you are looking to improve your overall well-being, help is at hand. good Eatin’ & Co shed some light on what we mean by natural foods, and what foods you should be avoiding in order to stay healthy.

Let us first understand the concept of “wholefoods” versus or processed foods. Processed foods have been stripped of one or more of their original elements, i.e., they are missing valuable nutrients, fibers, or water.

Natural foods, or whole foods (fresh whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans, and legumes) have been provided for us by nature. They are the perfect foods for our bodies to thrive and survive on. We are, after all, part of nature, and as such are designed to thrive on natural foods. Whilst we can certainly exist on processed foods, we cannot survive on these foods alone.

Natural foods are foods that nature has designed for us to eat, as per our body needs. They are best eaten as they exist in their natural state, i.e., as found in nature or with the minimum amount of human intervention in the form of processing. They are nutrition rich, easily absorb-able by the body & help it to function at its optimum. Natural foods give us good health, they help us in staying illness-free.

Factory-made or synthetic foods or any foods, which have been highly sugared, salted and processed, are devoid of so many of the nutrients and life-giving substances needed for optimal health.

Foods as close to their natural state, or as nature intended them to be consumed are, in contrast, rich in health-giving nutrients that sustain and energize us.

The more a food is processed or refined, the more it is likely to lose its nutrition in the refining process. Also, processed foods include artificial agents such as preservatives, chemicals, color, stabilizers, aromas etc. Such foods leave a toxic residue in the body & over a period of time, toxins lead to illnesses.

Processed food also causes us to overeat as they interfere with our body’s natural signals.

Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, natural & organic food products are also full the “life-force” of nature, which along with vital vitamins, minerals and Phyto-nutrients lead to a positive, natural state of physical and mental health and vibrancy.

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